Amacha is a Japanese infusion of very high quality and rare.

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Infusion Temperature pictogram
Infusion Temperature 80°C
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Infusion Time 1-3 min
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Aromas Licorice


Amacha is a Japanese infusion of very high quality and rare. It is obtained from crushed and fermented hydrangea leaves (Hydrangea).

In Japan, this infusion also has an important religious symbolism. Indeed, Amacha is often used during Kanbutsue masses, the festival celebrating Buddha's birthday on April 8, in Japanese Buddhism.


It would have medicinal qualities, as a natural anti-allergic product, as well as a means of de-fense against parondite.
This "tea" contains tannin and phyllodulcine. Important: The "tea" contains tannin and phyllodulcine: Phyllodulcine is a sweetener that is about 400 to 800 times sweeter than sugar, hence its name Amacha, which translates to "sweet tea". However, this infusion contains no caffeine.

Description :
Complex and sweet notes and a liquorice liquorice taste. Its unique long finish and clear cup offers an unforgettable tasting experience of great refinement. The Japanese even say that its tasting provides intense gustatory and spiritual emotions.

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