Houjicha BIO

Japanase organic tea with bright taste and aroma. 

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Infusion Temperature pictogram
Infusion Temperature 80°C
Infusion Time pictogram
Infusion Time 2-3 min
Level of intensity pictogram
Level of intensity light
Aromas pictogram
Aromas Bright taste and aromatic


Japanese organic tea with bright taste and aroma. Toasty note and easy to enjoy. 

Hojicha is made from bancha leaves (late harvest). The tea leaves are put in a very hot oven with sand. The sand helps to loosen the leaves from each other and especially to distribute the heat evenly during roasting. The leaves are then ventilated and the sand removed. This roasted green tea is woody, roasted, toasted, very fruity, liquorice and sweet. It has a very smooth and pleasant texture. This tea is not very theiny, as it comes from late harvests. It is also very good for digestion !


The opinion of our Tea Master : Hojicha is a traditional Japanese tea.  Bancha leaves are roasted. On grilling the Bancha tea takes on a brown colour and a very pleasing woody aroma. It is excellent with meals, especially with fish. It is a very thirst quenching tea that is low in caffeine, ideal in the evening.


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