Coffret Tea for you

This box contains 5 teas: Royalty Delight, Rose Oolong, Vanilla Rooibos, Violet Bouquet, Cherry Tim

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What could be more generous than to offer tea? Synonymous with friendliness, discovery and travel, tea allows the person who offers it to take the recipient to distant and mysterious places, to comfort him, to open the door to new and constantly reinvented flavours, while taking care of his body and mind. In this box set for your loved ones, Tekoe experts have selected a variety of rich and varied teas, because there are a thousand and one ways to say Thank You!

This box contains:

  • Royalty Delight: Green tea from China gunpowder, quince, cream, pineapple, orange and pink.
  • Rose Oolong: Oolong and rose buds
  • Rooibos Vanilla: Rooibos vanilla and coconut
  • Bouquet of Violets: Indian black tea and Ceylon with violet
  • Cherry Time: Black tea, cherries, flavours


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