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Tea Promotions

Awaken your senses

With our selection of teas in leaves!


Tea Promotions

Awaken your senses

With our selection of teas in leaves!


Meet Producers

Our Producers

Tea is a noble product. In order to properly reflect it, we offer the best of it with high quality mixes. To do so we favour a direct contact with our suppliers as a guaranty of transparency.


Rigorously surprising Teas

The journey begins right here. Let us guide you through the forests of Yunnan, the terraces of the Himalayas or the mountain pastures of our mountains. We recommend you for a trip with friends or a solitary exploration, to enjoy hot or cold, on the go or on your favorite couch.

New Products
  1. Genmaicha Hattori
    Genmaicha Hattori

    Japanese Green tea mixed with roasted rice and puffed rice. 

  2. Rooibos Chai
    Rooibos Chai

    Rooibos, ginger, cinnamon, clove, anise, cardamom.

  3. Houjicha

    Japanase organic tea with bright taste and aroma. 

  4. Les Joyaux de la Reine
    Les Joyaux de la Reine

    White Tea, green Tea, flowers of sureau, grenadier, molène, white hibiscus, citrus fruit, sugar in the form of pepites of gold (syrup of glucose, soya Lecithin), pearls of champagne (starch and wheat)


We opened our 4th store in Geneva !

Since December 15 2019, we opened our tea shop in the new O'Vives train station. 

TEKOE shop at Place de Molard

Located in the centre of Geneva, at Place du Molard 3. Come and discover a multitude of surprising teas!

Find your store!

Tekoe's World is also a network of 10 stores all over Switzerland. Our Tea-Masters are happy to share with you their passion about tea and travel. According to you who said one day that each cup is the beginning of a new journey?