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Who we are?

The Tekoe concept was created by two tea lovers, who wanted to share their pleasure and let the clients discover the universe of tea in their urban lives.

Tekoe started in 2002, when the two founders were traveling around the world to meet the producers, and to search for the best teas in leaves.

The aim is to touch the clients in their urban lives, and to show that tea is a healthy, modern product, full of variety of taste, and to let the people discover the fascinating world of the plantations and the tea manufacturing.

The first Tekoe Shop opened its doors in september 2004 in Lausanne train station. After a few years, and a lot of work, the Tekoe Tea Shops are well known for their high quality teas and their service.

Today, we have 2 shops in Lausanne (train station and Rue Centrale), one in Basel, Bern, Geneva Station, Geneva Airport and Fribourg. We also opened 2 shops in Paris (Opera and La Défense) and in Madrid (franchising).