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We thank you very much for your enquiries and interest in our Tekoe concept.

If you are interested in opening a Tekoe franchise in your city or in your country, please send us your application with the following information :

1.       Fill out the following form 

2.      Send us your resume

3.      Send us your business plan

4.      If you already have a location, please send us a plan and description of the neighborhood.


1.      How did you hear about Tekoe ?

2.      What is your personnal or professional experience with Tea ?

3.      What is your professional background ? (please send you resume)

4.      What is your experience with « retail » business ?

5.      Are you interested in a « Master Franchising » contract for one territory/country or just for a stand alone shop ?

6.      How would you finance the investment ?

7.      Do you already have a good location ?

8.      Why would the Tekoe concept be interesting in your country ?

9.      What is your strategy to launch your Tekoe shop ?

10.    What is your business plan? (please send us your business plan).


We thank you very much in advance for your information.

We will analyse your application and will revert back to you as soon as possible.