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Ethical code

Ethical code

Purchasing politics: Quality

Our purchasing system is based on simple but solid principles, without compromise: quality, freshness, taste, health, and originality.
After years of research and travels over the world, to get to the source of the product, to meet the producers, we see ourselves as real tea experts, as we select all varieties by ourselves and elaborated all flavored blends. At the end, we are able to offer a range of products, which is all but « anonymous », as each tea is the result of a clear choice.

Tea is a noble product. At its image, we want to offer only the best, with a high quality selection. To do this, we prefer direct contact with our supplier, as promise for transparency, permanent exchange, but also durability of our business relations. We travel a lot and visit the plantations and the tea manufactures, to ensure the origin and the quality of our teas. At the same time, all through the year we taste many samples, which allows us to refine our selections.
Furthermore, in accordance with the Swiss law, all our genuine teas are delivered with their phyto-sanitary certificates, controlled by independent laboratories for harmful substances such as pesticide, metal and radioactivity.

Ecological dimension

In the choice of the product, the production and consumption, our ethical and environmental concerns are without concessions: the respect of the nature, the product and the people will always be the main preoccupation for Tekoe, with the aim to always guarantee the best reachable quality. Tekoe shows that it possible to make tea reachable to every one, while respecting the environment.
This is why in our shops, we make efforts to reduce garbage and to recycle it, not to waste water, and limit the use of detergents, without neglecting hygienic and sanitary rules. We ban all useless packaging, as well as plastic bags, which were replaced in 2010, wih biodegradable bags.